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I Enjoy It – Handheld Lawn Edger Review

I really like this edger. Although I have a lot to edge (a corner lot with two driveways, one to basement and one the main driveway) I still like this one. The blade refuses to go; it is as good as new. As for the absence of guide, it is way too obvious to know where the cutting blade is when running the edger. I’ve only used the Edge Hog twice since getting it this week but it’s been fantastic. I haven’t edged my property for about 10-11 years and the sidewalks were overgrown with grass, vines, and branches from bushes covering up to two feet of the sidewalks.

January 17, 2012   No Comments

It Works – Yard Machine Lawn Edger Critique

Does tend to clog in wet ground but otherwise does a good job I had been looking to purchase an edger. The weed eater does not quite do the job right. I live in Texas, and we have tough clay soil. I have not edged my yard ever, and have lived in my house for almost a year. We have really thick grass with tough roots. Over 10 years it had grown out over our driveway and sidewalk, over 6 inches of overgrowth in some places.

January 16, 2012   No Comments

Artificial Grass Would Be The Future

You possibly will not have seen but there is a quiet, gradual and constant increase in the number of people and organisations that are making use of artificial turf. Colleges, leisure centres and community buildings are all deploying it.

You possibly will not have noticed due to the fact today’s synthetic grass is so a lot better than in the past. It looks natural and is also hardwearing. With the rainfall we have got in this country the challenge of the back garden getting muddy is averted also.

January 15, 2012   No Comments

Lawn Care Products For Beautiful And Healthy Lawns

There are many people who would like to have nice looking, healthy lawns in front or behind their houses. To have attractive, green and healthy lawns requires some work from the occupants of the home. One way of achieving this is by using the best lawn care products.

Good lawn care products play a great role in ensuring lawns remain strong and healthy and that their natural color is maintained. They normally handle everything which could prevent lawns from being beautiful and healthy. Some things that make lawns unhealthy are pests, lack of water, poor soils and weeds. Maintaining lawns at the right size is also essential for them to thrive.

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Growing Grass in Shaded Spots

Where do you turn when you’ve got a badly lit spot of land that needs grass? Don’t forget, there are particular kinds of grasses that are exclusively created to thrive in shaded areas of your lawn. They have advanced over hundreds of years to be best suited for poorly lit conditions, you must do your best to make the most of this.

A nice example of this type of grass is fescue, however, it is possible to still use common grass seeds in those poorly lit areas, but you have to be careful to apply it properly, as well as keep up it’s general upkeep, as you will want to handle grass in shady areas of your land in different ways (and more professionally) than grass in clear areas of land.

January 15, 2012   No Comments

Extremely Good For My Family – Husqvarna Lawn Edger Review

Very simple to use and makes edging simple, quick, and easy. I purchased this unit due to all the rave reviews.

If you tend to hit the concrete sidewalk/driveway a lot check the blade and replace when it gets worn down, otherwise you will be “edging” but not a lot will be happening. I put a new blade on the other day and it’s like a brand new edger again!

My results with it have been excellent. The included instructions were sub-standard.

January 14, 2012   No Comments

Amazing Item – Manual Lawn Edger Critique

I get the feeling from reading a few reviews that those guys never figured that out. Don’t be afraid to set the depth pretty deep, it leaves a beautiful edge that way and doesn’t score your concrete.

Be prepared however, the first time you use is will be the most difficult. After using it for the first time this past weekend, I found that the grass along the side of my driveway had grown over about 2 to 3 inches in most spots.

What a pleasure it was! There was virtually no setup required and within minutes I was walking along cutting a perfect groove along my sidewalk, driveway, and even the curb.

January 10, 2012   No Comments

Excellent Product But Hard To Find – Lawn Edger Tool Critique

This is the latest version of an edger B&D has been making for at least 20 years, and there are plenty of the 20 year old models still in use. It’s nearly silent, much easier to use than a gas model, and seems to cut better with less stalling than my neighbor’s 3.5HP gas model. I am in a newer community and I discovered that there are many rocks along the edge of the pavement and my yard. The edge hog threw one of these rocks toward my neighbor’s house, and almost hit her and could have easily shattered a window were her car in the driveway.

January 7, 2012   No Comments

It’s Very Nice – Electric Lawn Edger Critique

Well the air may have been cleaner around my house but the lawn certainly wasn’t. I purchased my Black & Decker heavy-duty Edge Hog landscape edger on August 27 and received it on August 31. There was so much yard cut off that I had to haul most of it away using a shovel, when it was done and after I swept up, there was a perfectly straight, neat cut on my yard. I would pay $79 for this every time, and I get to keep this and do it for years to come!

January 3, 2012   No Comments

Amazing Item, Love It – Mechanical Lawn Edger Critique

Not so, I tried used the product but went back to the grass hog. Its okay for digging trenches – if that’s all you need it for.

Highly recommend the Boss Edger. This is a terrible edger and does not do a good job at all.

Powerful, handles well, easy to use and its performance is excellent. Well worth the price. If you care how your yard looks and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an edger, this is perfect. It will do the same job and more for more than the price.

December 29, 2011   No Comments